We believe that pets deserve a calm environment with one on one attention for their grooming service. It should be tailored to their specific needs which may vary by time of year, age, lifestyle and other environmental factors.*  Because of this belief, our prices are all inclusive. The cost may vary depending on the time it takes to groom your pet. For an estimate please contact us. 


Bath Services include:

  • Bath with premium shampoo and conditioner selected for your pet’s skin and coat needs

  • Ear cleaning

  • Nails clipped and filed

  • Hand drying

  • Brushing and undercoat removal as necessary

  • Paw pads trimmed, sanitary trim


Groom Services Include:

  • All of the above, plus an individualized haircut (breed standard or pet style) tailored to the needs and lifestyle of you and your pet.

*fees due to extensive matting or difficult behavior may be added if necessary to your service


What to Expect for the First Visit

  • Initial Consult - When I arrive, I’ll meet your dog or cat and confirm what you want done. You can ask additional questions or give more information at that point.

  • Post Service Consult - After I’ve finished grooming, we will chat again. I’ll want to know your reactions to the way your pet looks, and I’ll let you know how the session went. I can continue to refine my work based on feedback I get from you.


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